Donna Morganstern is your source for quality text editing and proofreading.

Throughout years of education and work experience, I have written many papers, an M.A. thesis, a Ph.D. dissertation, grant proposals, journal articles, and conference presentations. I have mentored Ph.D. candidates through their dissertation research and analyses as a consultant. I know how hard it can be to create those documents.

But what I enjoy most, even more than writing up my own ideas, research results, and presentations, is editing other people’s work. In graduate school, faculty would ask me to edit their research papers before submitting them to academic journals. In the office, coworkers were directed to make sure their documents passed by me before being sent out or posted on the website. And nothing provided a more enjoyable break from the office grind than an editing project.

Let me help you transform your work by carefully reviewing and recommending changes that will elevate your text’s quality, grammar, and consistency. I will go through your Microsoft Word document, sentence-by-sentence, “tracking” changes, to make sure grammar and punctuation are correct, text is concise and understandable, and your arguments are clear to as wide an audience as possible.

Do you need to reduce your text to meet submission word limits? My “surgical skills” will help you without sacrificing relevant content. I approach your document as a sculpture with a sound framework that needs refinement. I can show you where to provide additional detail or remove irrelevant material to improve its contours. Your text will flow more smoothly once incomplete arguments, unnecessary wordiness, repetition, and spelling and grammatical errors, all of which create ambiguity and confuse readers, have been resolved.

I will give you a text document that flows more smoothly and makes your points more clearly, reducing incomplete arguments, unnecessary wordiness, repetition, spelling and grammatical errors, and ambiguity that confuse readers. I am available by phone, text message, and email to discuss whether my services can meet your needs.

  • M.A. Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA
  • Ph.D. Social and Environmental Psychology, University of Arizona
  • National Endowment for the Arts Project Fellowship
  • Author, “The Influence of a Multi‐theme Park on Cultural Beliefs as a Function of Schema Salience: Promoting and Undermining the Myth of the Old West,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology
  • Years of college-level teaching at the University of Arizona, Providence College, and Metro State University in Denver Colorado