Unlike most editors, who calibrate costs based on document length or number of words, I base charges on the amount of time I work on your project. A long document in relatively good shape may take less time than a shorter document that requires more work.

Although I cannot pre-determine how much time your document will require, I will provide you a work sample at no cost and with no obligation. This will help us decide whether or not I am a good fit for your project and serve as a tool to estimate the number of hours it might involve. You also may contract with me for a specific amount of time.

Students and non-profit organizations may be eligible for discounted rates. I work pro bono in a limited number of cases, at my discretion, with students who can demonstrate financial need and socially responsible organizations run by volunteers. Inquire here for more information about eligibility.

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Your documents are completely confidential! Our contract includes a confidentiality clause outlining this, and I will sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement you provide. Your document, communication, and personal information will never be sold or shared, and will be deleted from our system within 30 days of job completion.